So what is this website all about? As the url name implies, it is about survival 24/7 with an income at home as an affiliate business! It is also home based, meaning ZERO commute to a place called work place! Zero commute means zero gas expenses, zero time on travel which means zero headaches fighting traffic!

And you are your own BOSS!

What are affiliate companies? Wow…this part of the business is the real big bonus! Affiliate companies are companies who allow affiliates (you) to promote their products and services and get commissions in the process! Affiliate business means you sign up with the company of your choice such as Amazon, Commission Junction and more to become an affiliate! Once approved, you can take any of their products and sell them through your websites! Every sales that you make generates a commission for you!

Could it become a full time work and income? Yes it could be! There are literally thousands of online affiliate marketers around the world who have achieved full time status in this business!

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Now as you can see, learning how to do all this is a step by step process. But fear not! Wealthy Affiliate, the school, will walk you through the whole thing. A FREE account could be had by clicking here.

See you there somewhere in the world of Affiliate Online Business!